Zone3 SwimRun Evolution Kobiety czarny/turkusowy NBQKBO

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Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

The Zone3 Evolution suit has been designed in collaboration with a previous winner of the famous Ö till Ö race in Sweden and three other multi finishing Swedish athletes. Everything has been thought about including flexibility, comfort, buoyancy and functionality.

The suit is designed for both swimming and running meaning that no kit changes are required. The suit combines a great fitting swim wetsuit but with the benefit of high stretch leg panels for running and a front zip for lung expansion and breathability on the run. The wetsuit is full of innovative features and this has been recognised and shortlisted for the ‘GAME CHANGER OF THE YEAR’ award held 220Triathlon magazine.

The key features include

1. Yamamoto 1.5 mm SCS shoulders and arm panels for maximum flexibility.

2. A built in silicone band on the inside, just above the elbow.  Designed to be cut if the athlete requires so that the sleeves can be worn on the swim and easily removed for the run.

3. 5 mm Yamamoto #39 SCS back and side panels for upper body buoyancy.

4. 2 mm front and back legs with high stretch lining designed for free flowing running. These seams are glued only and not stitched helping to minimise any chaffing from the thread.

5. Higher durability backside panel for durability on rugged terrain.

6. Front zip with cord for easy access and breathability / temperature control during the run.

7. Pro-Speed silicone coated arm cuffs allowing the suit to be taken off more quickly.

8. Bright colours for visibility

9. Two internal pockets on the front and one large external pocket on the back.

10. Each suit comes with 8 mm thickness calf sleeves for significant buoyancy support on the swim.

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Zone3 SwimRun Evolution Kobiety czarny/turkusowy NBQKBO
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