Roeckl Ibiza Rękawiczka rowerowa szary/biały WSUIBO

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To ensure sporty top performance on hot summer days and on strenuous rides, the Ibiza fits like a second skin. Thanks to Roeckl’s new and exclusive palm design, the glove bridges the gap between maximum ventilation, tactile grip and a highly performant ergonomic padding. This is achieved laminating particularly breathable and supple Roeck-Grip on the palm directly onto a thin Xrd Technology padding. It is perforated for active ventilation. The highly effective damping system combined with the patented Comfort Innovation material to protect the pressure-sensitive crook of the thumb noticeably reduces tiring to the hands whether on long rides or rough terrain. Airy, tan-through suntan mesh for the backhand makes the glove comfortable to wear, thus enhancing temperature regulation inside the glove on hot days. The soft-wipe lining on the palm and the Pull Off System round off this glove’s sophisticated set of features.

Comfort-InnovationEffective padding of the crook of the thumb through seamless patch made from Flex-Foam or gel. Detectable increase of the comfort when you're biking. Exclusively and legally protected Roeckl.

Ergonomic CutAn especially anatomical palm design. Offers very effective protection of the palm nerves. Ergonomically valuable.

Roeck-GripVery fine synthetic-material with an excellent grip, supple, breathable and elastic. Exclusively from Roeckl.

Pull Off SystemExclusive pull off system from Roeckl to easily remove the short finger gloves from your hands.

SuntanTanning upper for evenly tanned backs of the hands.

XRD ProtectionThin, breathable and durable absorption material with high shock and vibration absorption.

Dodatkowe informacje

  • soft-wipe palm trimming
  • Produkt posiada normalne wielkości
  • Prosty krój dający normalną swobodę ruchu

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PLN941.90  PLN378.99
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